Cushions, Pillows and Bolsters to Knit with Patterns to download

Knit’n’Roll cushions covers are designed with worsted, bulky and very bulky yarns, so approximately with US 8 to 13 needles.

They are all forecast to be removed for an easy wash.

I can’t think about a home sweet home without any cushion & pillow or bolster.

What about you ?

All rooms in the house deserve them !

Hugging with a cushion is very comforting.

I often do it when I’m watching TV (if I’m not knitting 😉 )

What better than to be seated in a couch, a bed, or an armchair with a stack of cushions for a wonderful cocooning moment !

So, give your home cushions, pillows and bolsters.

Also knit them too for everyone you love.

Now, tell me which ones you’re going to knit.

So, to help you choose, read the detailed description of my knit patterns by clicking on each photo.

Enjoy your knits 🙂


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Showing all 6 results