Headbands to knit with patterns to download

Why headbands to knit with patterns to download ?

Because a headband is not only useful to keep your ears warm.

It is a true fashion accessory, matching all your outfits, according to colors, texture, knit stitch.

Therefore, t’s the perfect trick too when bad hair days, but keeping style all day long !

Knit’n’Roll headbands knit patterns are in this spirit.

They are forecast in 3 sizes :

S 19,68″-20,47″/50-52 cm

M 20,86″-21,65″/53-55 cm

L 22,04″-22,83″/56-58 cm

You can knit them with wool or cotton.

So now, tell me which one you are going to knit ?

To help you choose, read the detailed description of my patterns, by clicking on each headband photo.

Enjoy your knits 🙂


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Showing all 10 results