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Knit'n'Roll knit designer Brigitte Sapience
Knit’n’Roll designer

During my childhood, I used to see my mother sewing, crocheting and knitting. She tried to transmit know how. So I knit since my 8 of age.

Knitting is an important part of my daily time to create my patterns or for my personal projects.

Sewing is less my favorite thing. As to crochet, I get back to it from time to time.

If you want to know more about me, I would say that I own to my cats 😹.

Knitting matches often with cats, isn’t it !

I like to look for home decor ideas, doing up furniture, kitchen gardening, cooking.

Like my 3 daughters, I feel close to the DIY trend since a long time.

Fan of Rock’n’Roll but not only, I was inspired, to name my brand Knit’n’Roll,

after several Lenny Kravitz concerts while a french Tour.

He’s an artist who inspires me a lot ✌️ 🤘

My Logo Knit’n’Roll has been designed by a friend of mine,

the talentuous graphic artist Lionel Nolhac.

I hope to welcome you in my world and that you”ll appreciate it.

I”ll be happy to answer your questions & comments.

Brigitte Sapience





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