Headband Rosetta

New pattern

To knit with a US 9/5,5 mm circular needle

Beanie hat Jane

To knit with US 9/5,5mm and 10/6mm circular needles

Headband Jane

New Knit Pattern

To be knitted with US 9/5,5mm & US10/6mm circular needles

Beanie hat Ptronille

Knit it with a US 9/5,5 circular needle

Cushion cover Le Confident Oscar

Knit it with 2 circular needles 7 & 8mm

Knit Patterns Knit’n’Roll to download for knitting fashion

and home accessories, put on line all year long, as my inspiration.

So, it’s about Beanies, Headbands, Snoods, Cushion Covers.

Well, they are mostly knitted seamless, in the round, with circular needles, because who likes to seam !

3 adult sizes/teen-agers for hats and headbands, one size for snoods.

As the cushions covers, they have different sizes and as few seams as possible, when the design allows it.

The knit Stitches are explained and adapted to circular knitting.

with US 8/5 mm to US 17/12 mm needles.

Then, the knit patterns contain the detailed explanations.

In addition, if necessary, tutorials are added

to not have any jog by knitting circular

different colors and/or change knit stitches.

You will find for each design, a detailed sheet that will help you choose

which pattern will suit you the best.

Rather than talk about levels ( beginner, intermediate, …), I prefer to tell you what skills you will need to have or to learn.

When posting my patterns that you knitted on your social medias,

thank you to mention #knitnroll

. That’s it, you now know everything, or almost !

I wish you a nice visit of my website and to do your best choices.

Enjoy knitting for you and for who you love,

knitting too for your Home sweet Home


Brigitte Sapience

Knit designer